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CPAGROUND is place of association of performance digital marketing, and have extensive experience with advertising and product development. CPAGround is owned by Ultiface Selamet Nugraha.

CPAGround offers unlimited earnings potential to affiliates with tools and resources that allow them to turn traffic into more revenue.

Affiliates can sign in to their accounts from desktop or mobile and get instant access to live statistics, or breakdown by keyword, campaign, country, and more.

A self-serve ad exchange that provides solutions for advertisers to buy traffic and for publishers to generate revenue. We provide a platform that helps advertisers enhance their reach and create highly effective, targeted campaigns on global traffic sources.

Publishers enjoy the simplicity of a code that they place on their site in order to generate revenue from creating content.

Specializing in the full spectrum of offers:

Cost-Per-Acquisition, App Installs, Trial campaigns. Our artistry with consistency, creativity, innovation has allowed us to grow globally.

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What Is Publisher

A publisher is a person who is willing to promote a product or service from a product owner who has worked with an online service called Advertiser. Publisher and Advertiser both use online media that is website.

Publisher is you who have a blog / website and willing to advertise. These ads come from advertisers already available, the form of advertising can be a banner, text links or custom links.

Publisher is entitled to a commission of transactions that occur through their affiliate link in accordance with the agreed upon. Publisher in this case can be individual (individual) or company.

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